What does “Molala” mean?

Mo·la·la (無啦啦) |ˈmōˈləˈlə |
(in Cantonese-speaking regions) suddenly and without reason : That awkward moment when Adele molala turns up uninvitedTom molala knocked Peter overWhy were you molala arrested? Today was a fine day but it molala started raining [sentence adverb] molala got dumped molala got fired 

  • similar to Out of the Blue [English]
  • similar to Mo Duen Duen [Cantonese] 
  • similar to Wú Yuán Wú Gù De [Mandarin]Bulk Order and Wholesale  

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Build A Cheer Up Basket

We pack our gift hampers with love so that each and every chocolate bar and misfortune cookie will journey across the land wrapped in a cushion of good feelings and sweet dreams. Actually, it would be easier to show you just how much we care. Hampers are hand-delivered within Hong Kong and packed into customized boxes for shipping outside of Hong Kong.

Customised Baskets

We welcome your ideas and would love to have the opportunity to turn your suggestions into a heartfelt gift for your friends.  As a custom gift hamper will take longer to prepare, we ask that you anticipate and allow a 2- to 4-day lead time for single orders and a 7-day lead time for larger orders.  For a more accurate delivery window on custom hampers, please contact us at with your order details. 


All baskets and boxes will reflect their delivery/shipping costs at Checkout.

For HK delivery, our standard delivery time is 3-5 working days but if you have a specific delivery date in mind, feel free to let us know! Two-Day and Overnight options are also available at a surcharge 

For China and Taiwan delivery, only basket items and Confetti/Feather Balloon Surprise Boxes are available. Standard delivery time is 4-6 working days. If you have a specific delivery date in mind, feel free to let us know! 

For International orders (outside of HK, China, and Taiwan), unfortunately only gift basket items are available at this time. Standard delivery time is 7-10 working days. Express options are also available at a surcharge.

International Shipping Restrictions

Unfortunately, due to certain trademark, labeling, product content and embargo restrictions, we currently do not ship all products available on our website(s) to all countries. If you have a restricted item in your tote, you will receive a message during checkout that lists the restricted item along with specific instructions to remove the item from your tote or to change the shipping method or address if applicable.


We will frequently update our Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram pages regarding item arrivals.

Returned Items

Nothing is sadder than a Molala gift basket/balloon surprise box being sent back to us because of an incorrect mailing address. Please be sure to provide the correct shipping information with your order.

Great Ideas for Molala

If it's not a Glow-in-the-Dark Blow-Up-Doll then email us!  If you are the first to suggest a new range of gift baskets and the product permanently makes it onto the site, we will send you one for your very own – for free, of course!

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